Verticillium Lecanii

PEAK VICTOR controls plants parasitic nematodes of many different types. The infection spreads to the eggs which are completely surrounded by mycelial network. It is essential for the fungus to colonise the rhizosphere for effective control and the extent of colonisation determines the numbers of nematodes killed.

Dosage :

  • For horticultural /plantation crops: Mix 100 ml of PEAK VICTOR liquid in 200 liter of water and spray in one acre.
  • For other crops: Apply 250 ml of PEAK VICTOR liquid in 20 kg dried farm yard manure and broadcast in one acre of main field.

Precautions : This product should not be mixed with fungicides. Fungicides should not be applied within 24 hours of application.


Application Agricultural
Shelf Life 1 Year
State Liquid
Purity 99.80%
Scientific name: Lecanicillium lecanii
Family: Cordycipitaceae
Root Dipping 10 gm/lit