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Potash Mobilizing Bacteria

Potash Mobilizing Bacteria

We provide Potash Mobilizing Bacteria under the brand name PEAK PROJA KMB. Potash Mobilizing Bacteria provided by us is used in the Agricultural industry. Potash Mobilizing Bacteria, offered by us, enhances solubility of potash into the plant. This further improves crop productivity to a large extent. Thus, our Bio Fertilizer Peak Proja is widely demanded. Potash Mobilizing Bacteria (PEAK PROJA KMB) can be used for crops such as, wheat , Rice, maize, pulses, cotton, coconut, mango, sapota, Alma, citrus, coffee, tea, cardamom, fruits and vegetables.

Benefits of PEAK PROJA KMB :
  • Isolated and cultured Strains of Peak Proja extracted from local environment gives excellent result
  • Adds Phosphate to the plant to the extent of 30 -50 kg / ha
  • 25% cost of chemical fertilizer ids saved

  • Soil application for an acre of land : Mix 200-300 ml of Peak Proja with 400- 600 Kg of FYM or Vermi compost and 50-100 Kg Rock Phosphate. Then spray it over the large area
  • Seed Treatment For 1 Kg of seed : Mix 3-4 ml Peak Proja in water and dip seeds into the mixture for 2-3 hrs before sowing
  • Root dipping : Mix 20 ml Peak Proja with 10 -20 liters of water. Then, dip roots of seedlings for 30 minutes into the mixture before transplanting

Precautions :
  • The product should not be mixed with any chemical fertilizer or pesticide
  • Always shade dries the seeds and soil application mixture
  • Store in cool dry place and keep away from sunlight & heat