Plant Micronutrients for Foliar Spray

There is uncertainty to the scientifically explained fact that any element in water solution passes atoms into the solution as charged ions and these in turn tend to return to the element state. SPUTNIK-7 foliar Spray helps in increasing soil fertility and imparting essential nutrients to it. Plant Micronutrients for Foliar Spray (Peak Sputnik - 7) helps in enhancing the microbial population and increased resistance from diseases. It also promotes the uptake of various nutrients thereby stimulating growth, which activates flowering and fruiting in vegetables and horticultural plants. Rely on us!


Mode of Action : Sputnik-7 delivers trace elements and micronutrients for plants. It provides balanced minerals for meeting nutritional deficiencies.

Recommended For : It is used in all plantations specially for potato, tea garden, vegetables, sericulture, agriculture, horticulture floriculture etc.

Dosage / Dilution Ratio : Mix 2.5gm of Sputnik-7 in 1 ltr. of water and spray on leaves per acre in 15 days interval.

Compatiblility : It can be mixed with Insecticide & Pesticides.

Composition :

  • Boron
  • Zinc Sulpahte
  • Copper Sulphate
  • Magnesium Sulphate


Type Chemical
State Liquid
Use Agricultural
Storage Store in a Cool Place
Quality Best
Shelf Life 1 Year