Peak ZMB

Benefits :

  • It is a balanced nutrition for effective .wth and higher yield and its regular application ensures obtaining maximum yield and prevention of diseases.
  • Improves nutritional quality of crops
  • Prevents Chlorosis, Necrotic spots and bronzing of leaves
  • Important for pollination and seed production
  • Essential components of enzymes involved in metabolic reactions

Target Crops : Beneficial for paddy, wheat, corn, potato, tomato, brinjal and green vegetables. also for oil seeds, pulses, tea and other plantation crops and fruits.

Dosage and Application : Mix 1 Kg Peak ZMB with 100 kg farm yard manure (Orgathea) for soil application. Repeat the process in 30 days interval.


Zinc 6-18%
Boron 1.5%
Mo 0.5%