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Peak Trico Trichoderma Viride

Trichoderma viride has been found to be very effective in controlling many primary root & secondary diseases of tea. The conidia of Trichoderma viride come into contact with target host. It germinates and the germ tube coils the hyphae of pathogenic fungi, degrades the cell wall and feeds on the nutrients causing mycoparasitism. It also produces toxic metabolites. Trichoderma viride is very much effective against Poria branch canker & Thorny stem blight diseases and should be applied immediately after the pruning.

The Trichoderma Viride is a liquid based bio fungicide that contains the antagonistic fungus. We offer Trichoderma viride under the brand name PEAK TRICO which controls root rot, set rot, damping off, wilts of Fusarium, Gonoderma etc, and metabolites stimulate seed germination, plant growth and early flowering & fruit formation.

  • Peak TRICO is a preventive fungicide which attacks disease causing pathogens before they reach to the roots.
  • Peak TRICO also grows on root surfaces and nearby soil particles and provides prolonged protection.

Target Crops : Cereals, Pulses, Oil seeds, Cotton, Vegetables, Fruits, Sugarcane, Groundnut, Turmeric, Tobacco, Tea, Coffee & Coconut. It can be used in tea after pruning against secondary infections through cut injuries.

Dosage & Applications :

  • Seed Treatment : Mix 20 ml TRICO in 500 ml water and coat seeds required for 1 acre
  • Foliar Spray : Mix 20 ml TRICO in 100 ltr of water per acre
  • Soil Application : Mix 250 ml TRICO with 20 kg Farm Yard Manure and broadcast to 1 acre
  • Nursery Application : Mix 50 ml TRICO in 100 ltr of water and drench the bed / pot.

Precautions : Chemical fertilizer, fungicide and pesticide cannot be mixed with the bio fertilizer controller. However, usage of bio fertilizer controller shall be strictly after 10 days from the date of use of chemicals. Keep the product away from sunlight and high temperature.