Peak Proja

Very low amount of phosphorous of the total phosphorus content in soil is present in plant available form. PEAK PROJA efficiently releases insoluble phosphates present in soils and fixed phosphorus in the clay minerals and converts them into plant available form. PEAK PROJA helps the plants to give better yield and quality produce. An increased crop yield of 10% to 15% may be achieved by using PEAK PROJA.

Recommended for : Rice, wheat, maize, pulses, cotton, coconut, mango, Sapota, alma, citrus, coffee, tea, cardamom, other fruits and vegetables.

Dosage & Applications :

  • Soil Application : For one acre land mix 200-300 ml of PEAK PROJA with 400-600 Kg of FYM or Vermi compost and 50-100 Kg of Rock Phosphate and apply.
  • Seed Treatment : For 1 Kg of seeds, mix 3-4 ml of PEAK PROJA in sufficient quantity of water. Dip the seeds in the solution for 2-3 hours before sowing.
  • Root dipping Prepare a mixture of 20 ml PEAK PROJA in 10-20 liters of water. Dip root portion of plants for '/z hour before transplanting.

Precautions :

  • The product should not be mixed with any chemical fertilizer or pesticide.
  • Always shade dry the seeds and soil application mixture.
  • Store products in cool dry place and keep away from sunlight & heat.

Note : Entire contents of the pack should be used in one time.