Peak Proja KMB

Veryy low amount of Potash of the total Potash content in soil is preseti in plant available form. PEAK PROJA-KMB efficiently releases insoluble Potash present in soils and fixed Potash in the clay minerals and converts them into plant available form. PEAK PROJA-KMB helps the plants to give better yield and quality produce An increased crop yield of 10% to 15% may be achieved by using PEAK PROJA-KMB.

Recommended for : Rice, wheat, maize, pulses, cotton, coconut, mango, Sapota, alma, citrus, coffee, tea, cardamom, other fruits and vegetables.

Dosage & Applications :

  • Soil Application : For one acre land mix 200-300 ml of PEAK PROJA-KMB with 400-600 Kg of FYM or Vermi compost and 50-100 Kg of Rock Phosphate and apply.
  • Seed Treatment : For 1 Kg of seeds, mix 3-4 ml of PEAK PROJA-KMB in sufficient quantity of water. Dip the seeds in the solution for 2-3 hours before sowing.
  • Root Dipping : Prepare a mixture of 20 ml PEAK PROJA-KMB in 10-20 liters of water. Dip root portion of plants for 1/2 hour before transplanting.

Precautions :

  • The product should not be mixed with any chemical fertilizer or pesticide.
  • Always shade dry the seeds and soil application mixture.
  • Store products in cool dry place and keep away from sunlight & heat.

Note : Entire contents of the pack should be use in one time.