Metarhizium Anisopliae

PEAK MOTI is a liquid formulation of a common entomopathogenic fungus arhizium sp.) contains 109 CFU ml and can be used to control a variety of insect pests (particularly soil borne & pasture pests).

Recommended for : All types of fruits, vegetables, cereals, plantations and ornamental crops.

Target Pests : Termite, Cockchafer Grub, Scale Insects, All Soli some Insects and Helopeltis.

Mode of Action : Fungi invade insects by penetrating their cuticle or "skin." Once inside the insect, the fungus rapidly multiplies throughout the body. Death is caused by tissue destruction and, occasionally, by toxins produced by the fungus. The fungus frequently emerges from the insects body to produce spores that, when spread by wind, rain, or contact with other insects, can spread infection.

Dosage :

  • For TERMITE CONTROL :1:1000 dilution; use 1.5 Its per hectare
  • For SCALE INSECTS AND OTHERS : Use 500-600 ml per hectare (Use Peak Biostick as adjuvant)

Precautions : Peak Moti is compatible with selective chemicals. Please contact the manufacturer for compatibility chart. Entire contents of the pack should be used in one time.


Application Agricultural
Color White
State Liquid
Purity 99.80%
Scientific name Metarhizium anisopliae
Class: Sordariomycetes