Beauveria Bassiana (Bio - Controller Liquid formulation)

Beauveria bassiana is a naturally occurring fungus in soil . It effectively controls soil borne insects and foliar feeding pests. Beauveria bassiana causes a disease known as white muscardine disease in insects. It controls white fly, aphids, thrips, mealy bugs on vegetables, ornamentals, indoor and outdoor nurseries, commercial landscape, turf etc. It also controls shot hole borer in Tea.

Recommended for : All types of fruit crops and vegetables, plantation crops, ornamental crops.

Dosage & Applications : Dissolve 100 ml of PEAK BADSHA in 100 liter of water and spray in 1 acre area on pests attacking different parts of the plants. Under the field conditions, the Larva may be controlled within 7 to 8 days of application.

Precautions :

  • Store the product in a dry place at room temperature. Avoid direct sun-light. Avoid extreme temperature conditions.
  • Al the time of application do not mix with chemical fertilizers or fungicides or insecticides.
  • An interval of 10 to 15 days is required between the application of chemical products and Biocontroller in the field.