Azotobacter Liquid

PEAK AZAD is a nitrogen fixing biofertilizer and has been recognized as an nutrientant input in increasing cereals, vegetables and fruit crop production. It used for treatment of seeds, roots of seedlings and soil.

Benefits : PEAK AZAD produces vitamins, indol acetic acid, Gibberellins and Cytokines and these are deposited in soil. It also partially solubilizes tricalcium phosphates and thus increases up take of phosphorus in plant. It also increases the activity of other beneficial root zone decomposers to improve the efficacy of applied nitrogen fertilizer. By applying PEAK AZAD, 10 to 20% chemical fertilizer may be saved and 15 to 25% crop yield may be increased.

Recommended for : PEAK AZAD serves as a broad spectrum biofertilizer. It is applicable to various crops like wheat, barley, maize, paddy, jawar, oat, sugarcane, tobacco, cotton, vegetables, fruit crops, horticultural and plantation crops.

Applications :

  • Seed treatment : Prepare a mixture of 100 ml PEAK AZAD biofertilizer in 500 to 600 ml water and mix 10-15 Kg of seed to it Shade dry the seeds for 30 minutes and sow within 2-3 hours.
  • Seedling / Sett : Mix 50-100 ml of PEAK AZAD in 20-25 liter of water. Dip the roots of seedling required for 1 acre and keep them in the suspension for 10-15 minutes and thereafter transplant them in the field.
  • Soil treatment : Mix 500 ml of PEAK AZAD in 30-50 Kg soil or farm yard manure and broadcast it over 1 acre of land at the time of last ploughing or before first irrigation.

Pre-cautions : The treated seeds should be dried in shade at cool place and sown within 2-3 hours. It is also advisable not to mix PEAK AZAD directly with nitrogenous fertilizer. Use double dose of PEAK AZAD if seeds are treated with synthetic chemicals. Soil broadcasting should be done in early stage of standing crops just along with irrigation.


Type Chemical
Shelf Life 1 Year
State Liquid
Purity 99.80%
Storage Store in a Cool Place
Packaging Size 1ltr