Peak Chemical Industries Limited

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We are regarded as notable Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Azotobacter in the industry. Our Azotobacter is eco-friendly and is used to treat roots of seedlings, seeds and soils. Azotobacter fixes nitrogen into the roots of the plants. We offer Azotobacter under the brand name of PEAK AJAD. Moreover, Azotobacter also prevents plant pathogens to attack the same plant. We provide Azotobacter in bulk amount and ensure its delivery within stipulated time limit. Its microbe counts @ 109 CFU/ml.

Advantages of PEAK AJAD :

  • Peak Azad produces gibberellins, vitamins, indol acetic acid and cytokines for improving plant growth and its yield
  • Increases crop yield from 15 to 25 %
  • Saves cost up to 10 to 20% of chemical fertilizer
  • Phosphorus intake is also enhanced in the plant as tricalcium phosphate becomes soluble

Applications of PEAK AZAD :

  • Seed treatment   Prepare a mixture of 100 ml PEAK AZAD in 500-600 ml water and 10-15 kg seed. Shade dry for 30 minutes & sow within 2-3 hours.
  • Seedling/sett treatment  Mix 50-100 ml PEAK AZAD in 20 -25 ltr. Water. Dip the roots required for 1 acre and keep them in the suspension for 10-15 minutes and thereafter transplant them in the field.
  • Soil treatment mix 500 ml PEAK AZAD in 30-50 kg soil or FYM and broadcast it over I acre at time of last ploughing or before first irrigation.