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Nitrogen is very essential nutrient for the plant. Plants can get nitrogen from atmosphere through nitrogen fixing fertilizers. Azospirillum fixes atmospheric nitrogen into the roots of the plant that too in large quantity. Azospirillum helps in improving plant yield. Here, we offer Azospirillum under our brand name PEAK AZOLAM Azospirillum. We are known as the trusted Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Azospirillum in the market.

Uses Of Peak Azolam :

  • Germination gets stimulated
  • Enhances root growth in early plant stand
  • Provides fungal infections

Dosage & Applications of Azospirillum :

  • Foliar spray : Dissolve 100 ml Peak Azolam in 200 ltr of water and spray the mixture near roots of the plant in the morning or evening hours /acre
  • Seed dressing : Dissolve 100 ml Peak Azolam in 400 ml of water and apply it over the seeds required for one acre of land at the time of sowing
  • Root dipping : Dissolve 100 ml Peak Azolam in 50 ltr of water and dip root of the plant into the mixture for 10 to 20 minutes before transplanting
  • Soil application : Mix 400 - 500 ml Peak Azolam with 100 kg FYM. Blend the mixture well and spread it over one acre of land before ploughing or irrigation