Azospirillum Liquid

PEAK AZOLAM is an atmospheric nitrogen fixing bio-fertilizer, fixes nitrogen in the range of 30-40 kg nitrogen per hectare. The bacterium can grow well under different soil pH and host range. PEAK AZOLAM secretes phytohormones in the plant root regions, facilitates vigorous root growth. It promotes early germination of seeds.

Recommended for :
PEAK AZOLAM serves as a broad spectrum biofertilizer. It is applicable to various crops like wheat, barley, maize, paddy, jawar, oat, sugarcane, tobacco, cotton, vegetables, fruit crops. horticultural and plantation crops.

Dosage & Applications :

  • For Spray : Dissolve 100 ml of PEAK AZOLAM in 200 liters of water and spray near the root of the plant in the morning / evening hrs in one acre area.
  • For Seed dressing : Dissolve 100 ml. PEAK AZOLAM in 400 ml of water and apply to the seeds required for one acre at the time of sowing.
  • Root Dipping : Dissolve 100 ml PEAK AZOLAM in 50 liters of water and dip the root of the plant in solution for 10 to 20 minutes before transplanting.

Precautions: Chemical fertilizer, fungicide and pesticide cannot be mixed with the bio-fertilizer. However, usage of bio-fertilizer shall be strictly after 10 days from the date of use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides. Keep the product away from sunlight and high moisture.


Application Agricultural
Purity 99.80%
Form Liquid
Scientific name: Azospirillum
Shelf Life 1 Year
Storage Cool & Dry Place