Ashirwad Bio Zyme Liquid

PEAK ASHIRWAD BIOZYME is a store house of numerous nutrients in available form, scientifically made to release nutrients and natural enzymes slowly into the rhizosphere. It is scientifically impregnated into user friendly soil degradable granular formulation for better inoculation in the field.

Target Crops : Commercial crops like cotton, jute, sugarcane. etc, vegetable crops as potato, onion, tomato, chillies etc. fruits like orange, mango, litchi banana, papaya etc, cereal crops as wheat, paddy, jowar, bajra etc, oilseeds as groundnuts, mustard, sunflower, spices, cardamom, garlic, etc.


  • Soil reclamation
  • Inhibit fungal infection to plant
  • Icreases microbial activity in Rhizosphere
  • Enhances high nutrient uptake
  • Profuse primary and secondary root development
  • Assist in better development of grain/fruit
  • Increase in the size & weight of the grains/fruit
  • Higher yield & better quality of produce
  • Vigorous seeding growth
  • Possesses high ion exchange capability
  • Aids in Photosynthesis.

Physical Benefits :

  • Increase water holding capacity
  • Increase aeration of soils
  • Improve soil work ability
  • Helps resists drought
  • Improve seed bed nursery
  • Reduces soil erosion
  • Reduces soil salinity disorde

Chemical Benefits :

  • Chelates nutrient uptake by plants
  • Possesses high ion exchange capacity
  • Increase buffering properties of soil
  • Increase percentage of total nitrogen ill buil

Biological Benefits :

  • Accelerate plant cell division and promotes growth
  • Increase germination of seeds al id viability
  • Increase root respiration and formation of white roots or feeder roots rapidly
  • Stimulates growth and proliferation of soil micro-organism
  • Aids to photosynthesis.

Precaution : Ashirwad Biozyme is not suitable to mix with pesticide & herbicides.


Soil Appliction 8-12 Kg per Acre
Pot Culture 25-40 gm Par Plan/Pot
Seed Bed 2 Kg / 0.8 Acre of Katha
Tea Plantation 5-10 gm/pit
Humic Acid 10%
Seaweed Extract 2%
Amino Acid 3%